How much do you know about the resolution of industrial touch displays?

- Apr 16, 2019-

With the rapid development of the industrial era, industrial touch display applications also have a place in every field, the stability and type of resolution you know how much, how deep the understanding, with these questions below, Carav and you analyze.

1. There are many ways to measure resolution, typically measured in pixels per inch. Of course, it is also measured in pixels per centimeter. The image resolution determines the quality of the image output. The image resolution and the image height and width values together determine the size of the file, and the larger the value, the more disk space the graphics file occupies. The image resolution affects the size of the file in a proportional relationship, ie the file size is proportional to the square of its image resolution. If you keep the image size unchanged and double the image resolution, the file size is increased by four times.

2. Resolution is a parameter that measures how much data is in the bitmap image. Usually expressed as pixels per inch and dots per inch, the more data is contained, the larger the length of the graphic file, and the more detailed the details. But larger files require more computer resources, more memory, more hard disk space, and more. If the image contains insufficient data, it will look quite rough, especially when the image is enlarged to a larger size. So during image creation, we have to decide the correct resolution based on the end use of the image. The trick here is to ensure that the image contains enough data to meet the final output needs.

3. Under normal circumstances, the higher the resolution of the image, the more pixels it contains, the clearer the image and the better the quality. At the same time, it also increases the storage space occupied by the file. When the display resolution is fixed, the smaller the display is, the clearer the image is. Conversely, when the display size is fixed, the higher the display resolution, the clearer the image.

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