How much do you know about the display and the track of change?

- Apr 23, 2019-

How deep is the understanding of the arrival of the industrial age? Since the formal introduction of Industry 4.0, "intelligence" has become the theme of leading the fourth-generation industrial revolution. We can see that many new technologies and applications have made major breakthroughs in the process of automation to intelligent development.

1. With the increase in production and efficiency brought about by technology, and the reduction in production and labor costs, companies will benefit greatly in this transformation process. We can also see more challenging innovations and entrepreneurships born in this transformation process. Opportunity. Firstly, for the decision-making problem of uncertain, semi-structured or unstructured intelligent manufacturing work, through the methods of signal reasoning and quantitative reasoning, the industrial display realizes intelligence in the environment of uncertainty, incompleteness and fuzzy information. Manufacturing and product design are designed to serve multi-target, multi-technology route work program optimization.

2. The massive feature data generated during the operation of manufacturing intelligent equipment contains a large amount of fault information. On the basis of collecting the running characteristic data of intelligent equipment, the deep learning algorithm is applied to the knowledge mining of big data, and the diagnostic rules related to faults are obtained. Improve the diagnostic technology by intelligently predicting and analyzing the faults of the equipment.

3. In the manufacturing sector, analysis based on massive data is on the rise, but it has helped companies optimize production quality, save energy and improve equipment services. In the environment of Industry 4.0, the collection and analysis of different data sources (production equipment and systems, as well as enterprise and customer management systems) will become the standard equipment for real-time decision-making in the future. Through the big data analysis system, the equipment will be real-time. Monitoring, early detection of fault warnings to reduce business losses. High production efficiency.

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