How much bandwidth does a webcam need?

- Jun 04, 2019-

How much bandwidth does a webcam need?

The device side mainly monitors video uploads, so enough uploads are required.

Please and refer to the following formula to compute the results to determine whether adequate bandwidth: if the connection of the device is a network camera, generally is the second stream connected to the network camera or the third stream, assuming that the code flow stream of 512 KBPS, 512 KBPS / 8 = 64 KB/S, which need to download bandwidth 64 KB/S, if you need to connect the device to the network hard disk video recorder, it will take 64 KB/S multiplied by the corresponding way; If the broadband bandwidth is 4M, then 4096kbps/ 8/64kb /S≈8, that is, under the condition of 4M bandwidth and good network status, the maximum remote connection can be 8 channel code rate is 512kbps video source.The client mainly downloads and monitors video for viewing, so it needs enough download bandwidth.

In order to achieve the best video effect, it is recommended that the bandwidth occupied by 1-channel hd monitoring should not be lower than 3Mbps. See the chart for details:


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