How many types Sound card for POS

- Jun 21, 2019-

Since the development of sound card, it has been divided into three types: board type, integrated type and external type, which are suitable for different users. The three types of products have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Board type: 

Card type products are the backbone of the market today. The products cover low, medium and high grades, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. Most of the early board-type products were ISA interfaces. Due to the low bandwidth, single function and excessive system resources, this interface has been eliminated. PCI has replaced the ISA interface as the mainstream, and they have better performance. And compatibility, support plug and play, easy to install and use.


The sound card only affects the sound quality of the computer, and has nothing to do with the system performance that is more sensitive to PC users. Therefore, most users' requirements for sound cards are satisfactory, and they are more willing to invest funds in the part that can enhance system performance. Although the compatibility, ease of use and performance of the board-type products can meet the market demand, in order to pursue cheaper and simpler, integrated sound cards have emerged.

Such products are integrated on the motherboard, have the advantages of not occupying the PCI interface, lower cost, better compatibility, etc., and can meet the majority of audio needs of ordinary users, and are naturally favored by the market. Moreover, the technology of integrated sound card is also constantly improving. The advantages of multi-channel and low CPU occupancy of PCI sound card have also appeared on the integrated sound card, which has occupied a dominant position and occupied more than half of the sound card market.

External sound card: 

It is a new thing that is uniquely launched by the innovation company. It is connected to the PC through the USB interface, which has the advantages of convenient use and easy movement. However, such products are mainly used in special environments, such as connecting notebooks to achieve better sound quality. There are not many external sound cards on the market, and there are two innovative models such as Extigy and Digital Music, as well as MAYA EX and MAYA 5.1 USB.

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