How many factors can affect the print quality of barcode printer

- Jun 07, 2018-

How many factors can affect the print quality of barcode printer 

barcode printer


1, choose the appropriate font

The effect of different fonts will not be the same, such as: ARIAL, black body, etc., and then bold fonts, usually print effect seems to be much better.


2, the printer resolution

If the resolution is very high, the printer can print clear results without setting. A printer with a low resolution usually takes a lot of time and takes more time to debug.


3, printer temperature or pressure

If the effect of printing is not very good, you can adjust the temperature of the bar code printer to get good clarity.


4, label paper material

Different label papers usually have different printing effects, especially when scanning by a bar code scanner, the speed is obviously different because the material is unreasonable and the ability to absorb carbon is different. Under normal circumstances, ordinary coated paper is better.  Of course, different label paper must be selected with the correct barcode ribbon.


5, bar code ribbon quality

The quality of barcode ribbons has the difference of good or bad. If the printing requirements are relatively high, you can choose better quality ribbons or branded ribbons, such as zebra ribbons, Ricoh ribbons, of course, the price is higher.


6, printing software

The printed content has a lot to do with the printing software. If you choose professional bar code software, such as Bartender, Codesoft, and Labelview, you can get better print quality.


7, cleaning the print head

The bar code printer needs to clean the print head after a long time usage, which can not only extend the life of the printer but also obtain better printer quality.

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