How many different operation System for POS machine

- Oct 16, 2019-

How many different operation System for POS machine

1.Windows system POS machine

-Windows XP-based Windows Embedded system, the majority of POS machines on the market use this system.

-The advantage is that the system is versatile and easy to use with the computer.

-The disadvantages are: poor system stability, poor security, and high development costs.

2.Android system POS machine

-It is usually based on Android system for deep optimization of POS application, which is the highest level system in the POS industry.

-The advantages are: high stability, no crash, no blue screen, low development difficulty, strong software compatibility, and wide range of functions.

-The downside is that as an emerging system, the penetration rate needs to be improved.

3. Other systems.

-Usually it is an embedded system developed by each manufacturer.

-The advantage is: low cost.

-The disadvantages are: system stability and poor compatibility.

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