How many designs for the POS machine

- Oct 16, 2019-

How many designs for the POS machine 

First : Desktop POS machine. 

The size is larger than the handheld POS machine, and the function is more complete than the handheld POS machine.

Second : Handheld POS machine. 

It is small in size and easy to move. It can be operated quickly with a single button. It is not necessary to memorize and input multiple items. Domestic handheld POS brands include: Lakara, Micropay, and fast money.

Third:Mobile phone POS machine. 

According to the operation mode, it is divided into mobile phone external device credit card machine and mobile phone special POS machine.

Fourth:Mobile phone external device credit card machine.

The advantages are: 1, easy to carry around; 2, small size; 3, low cost.

Disadvantages are: 1, need external equipment; 2, slow data transmission; 3, slow arrival time; 4, low credit card limit.

Five:Mobile phone POS machine.

The advantages are: 1, no need for external equipment; 2, convenient, carry-on; 3, able to transfer funds across the bank; 4, fast arrival time; 5, large credit card limit; 6, high security performance.

Disadvantages are: 1, no print billing function; 2, high cost.

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