How is the customer display driven?

- Nov 09, 2019-

How is the customer display driven?

The customer display does not need to install the driver like the mouse and other devices. 

The driving process is a process of sending data to the serial port. There are actually a number of ways to send data to the serial port, but the content sent is formatted, and the format is to follow the EPSON "ESC/POS" instruction set.

If you are not a company developing POS software, after purchasing the customer display, the first thing to determine is whether the POS software used supports the device. If it is not supported, then contact the company that developed the POS software to include driver content in the program.

If you are developing POS software yourself, to drive the customer display, you need to know the instruction set. The instruction set for all customer displays can be downloaded and ask for our sales.

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