How is NFC used?

- Oct 02, 2019-

How is NFC used?

NFC is a wireless connection technology that provides easy, secure and fast communication. Its transmission range is smaller than that of RFID. The transmission range of RFID can reach several meters or even tens of meters, but because NFC adopts unique signal attenuation technology, it is relative to For RFID, NFC has the characteristics of close distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption.

Second, NFC is compatible with existing contactless smart card technology and has become the official standard supported by more and more major vendors.

Again, NFC is a close-range connection protocol that provides easy, secure, fast, and automatic communication between devices.

Compared to other connections in the wireless world, NFC is a close-range, private communication method.

Finally, RFID is used more in production, logistics, tracking, and asset management, while NFC plays a huge role in access control, public transportation, and mobile payment.

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