How is a thermal printer different from a dot matrix printer?

- Dec 06, 2019-

At present, in addition to daily documents, we are also filled with various documents in our daily life and work, from courier documents, to restaurant tickets, shopping tickets and so on. Seemingly the same bills can be achieved by two technologies: thermal printing and pin printing. The aforementioned slippery notes are basically realized by thermal printing. So what are the characteristics of these two printing methods?

Dot printers use a needle in the print head to hit paper and other media to form a font. In use, users can choose multiple-link paper according to their needs. Commonly used multiple-link paper includes 2-link, 3-link, 4-link paper, and 6-link printer paper. Multi-part printing can be done in one shot only with a dot matrix printer.

Needle printing technology is characterized in that the needle hits the medium, and the force of the needle is transmitted to the paper medium through the ribbon, which can print multiple copy paper. Because the needles are slightly different, the printed document is unique and difficult to falsify.

But pin printing also has its disadvantages, that is, printing is slow! Dot printing is slower due to the reciprocating movement of the needle. Secondly, the ribbon of the dot matrix printer needs to be replaced frequently, which is cumbersome to operate and the printing cost is high.

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