How does the logistics industry choose suitable scanning guns?

- May 29, 2020-

1. Scanner in the logistics and express industry. The scanning speed is very fast. It is best to use a laser scanning gun. The laser scanning gun usually can scan at a distance. The red light CCD scanning gun is mostly contact scanning. Compared with the red light scanning gun, the laser scanning The gun can be scanned in a wide range when scanning a piece. There is no need to calibrate it. The scanning speed is much faster. The red light scanning gun is cheaper, but the laser scanning gun is also relatively expensive.

2. Price: Scanners in the logistics and express industry are updated quickly. It is best to use scanners at the right price, because the scanners have a loss rate. Scanners in the express delivery industry scan a large number of parts every day, usually a scanner It has been used for a year or two, and it is used more frequently than other industries. Therefore, when purchasing, you must consider the cycle cost of future replacement. You can choose a scanning gun suitable for your own express development stage price.

3. Wireless: Scanners in the logistics and express industry have large packages. It is best to use wireless scanners. Most of them are parcels. Wired is not only insufficient in distance but also stumbling. It is definitely inconvenient to use, so wireless is more suitable.

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