How does the all in one touch machine reduce the “intermediary” to make a difference?

- Jun 20, 2019-

The traditional sales model is generally carried out in the circulation chain of “factory-provincial agent-regional agent-franchisee”. The profit in each link in the middle, together with the higher commercial land rent and industrial land, leads to the terminal. The retail price is often more than twice the ex-factory price, and the emergence of the direct agent of the touch-one machine seems to solve the profit increase brought by this layer of agents.

The touch-one machine has developed rapidly in the past two years, and the price is also very different. Product quality is good or bad. Some products still have obvious deficiencies in the design process, mainly because the integration layer is not high and the solution is not mature. For example, computer TV decoder board, appearance structure, touch frame and other equipment are made up of traditional schemes. There are serious deficiencies in product function, product quality and product practicality. In order to relieve the concerns of agents, touch-one machine manufacturers generally adopt a reasonable price mechanism. For Geesung's touch-one machine, we do not charge any annual fees, membership fees, advertising fees, and all functional modules can be used free of charge. . There is no charge for no transaction, and there is a low transaction fee. It is only necessary to pay the service fee at a very low percentage of sales after the transaction, absolutely zero risk.

The emergence of the direct agent of the touch-one machine is Geesung's years of industry experience and customer resources from the perspective of buyers, to provide each buyer with quality products, caring services.

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