How do experienced stores choose smart cash registers?

- Aug 28, 2018-

1. Use scenario of cash register

Restaurant cash registers, store cash registers or supermarket cash registers.

Food and beverage cash register pays more attention to the collaboration of kitchen and table number on receivables, even there is a take-out order project, store cash register pays more attention to cash register and inventory management. Supermarket cash register needs to run a large number of passenger flows for a long time, and pays more attention to memory stability and battery life.

2. Catering retail store size

Small cash registers, such as specialty shops and convenience stores, are recommended to use smart cash register machines that are simple and small.If it is opened in the square shopping, department store and other large businesses, you can choose the double-screen cash register with 15.6-inch screen according to the space. The functions are more complete.

3. Diversified collection of cash register

In the era of mobile payment, collection methods are more and more diversified.From past cash and credit card to current NFC card, apple pay, alipay and other scan code payment.A cash register that is fully compatible with all forms of payment and collection becomes important.Our AIO-1588d and AIO-1589 all-in-one machines are compatible with the aforementioned qr code payment, bank card, membership card/magnetic stripe card, IC card, NFC card and other payment functions.

4. External function of cash register

Different store usage scenarios will extend the function requirements of the cash register.Like the milk tea shop, the cash register has the function of printing adhesive label, which can be attached to the cup to distinguish the drinks of different guests.Aio-1589, our intelligent cash register all-in-one machine, supports external money box, scanning gun, invoice printer, card reader, electronic scale, etc.The function is much more than just a cash register.

5. Hardware and operational stability of cash register

Of course, the cash register won't break down in the face of heavy traffic.Speed and stability test the cash register's CPU motherboard and memory.Generally speaking, quad-core processor is also a good configuration, and there will be no card, black screen, etc.Our cash registers run smoothly and quickly using industrial-grade motherboards.

6. Easy operation of cash register

Many people ignore the ease of use of cash registers.But when you're dealing with a complex cash register like an aircraft control desk, it's not just that it takes a lot of unnecessary time, it's also that it can go wrong.We have not only a Windows cash register but also an android cash register. If you like the simple ones, you are advised to choose the android cash register, because its operation interface is just like our daily mobile phone, which can save a lot of learning and training costs, and you can quickly get started and improve your efficiency.

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