How can register maintenance

- Mar 04, 2017-

1. Select smooth and vibration-free bench top register;

2. register the location should be selected to avoid direct sunlight, temperature change, away from the water and less dusty places;

3. Please keep the cash registers away from strong electromagnetic fields;

4. in areas with poor power quality or the shop recommended to register a separate power supply is equipped with regulated power supply (UPS power supply);

5. the register is best not frequently start with other high-power appliances share a socket, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. Power outlet should be located near the registers close and easy to plug, so that emergency situations can quickly cut off the power supply;

6. ensure that the register is not in contact with any liquid, once this happens, immediately the power plug disconnected;

7. pay attention to maintain the register's clean, not in the machine, placed on the keyboard, or coins, particularly liquids, waterproof, dust-proof and oil;

8. frequently check the wiring of the plug contacts is loose;

9. unused machines to disconnect the power for a long time;

10. the various wires do not put heavy pressure, keep the connection open;

11. after a power failure shut down, after at least 1 minute to boot, not frequently open and close, and to regularly clean the print head, clean, check paper, clean the machine regularly, dust, stain removal;

12. the last operator to check if the power supply has been disconnected from work;

13. daily cashiers had it with a slightly damp cloth fuselage, wipe the monitor casing, keyboard (do not use corrosive liquids);

14. Please don't put stickers on the register;

15. the idle or spare cash register must be wrapped in large plastic bags, to avoid dust;

16. the card, brush, medium speed. If the magnetic properties of weak or no magnetic card, fill in time magnetic;

17. track cleaning method: Please use the cleaning card professional track, the track is clean, may be appropriate to use a little alcohol;

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