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- Oct 16, 2018-

Any application that runs in Chrome OS can support cloud printing technology standards through an application programming interface (API). In this way, Chrome OS users can execute print commands directly from the application.

cloud printing

Cloud printing in Chrome is basically available. The Chrome Beta branch of the Mac version already provides a connector for ordinary printers to support cloud printing. The cloud printer also has a sharing function. You can share your cloud printer with your friends. Colleagues, let them print the documents to you at any time.

In the era of cloud printing, each cloud printer will have a unique email address, and printing will be as simple as sending an email. Users can print as long as they can send emails. This allows people to easily print the files or photos they need, no matter where they are, with their mobile devices.

The new cloud printer also features the most popular APPS application, allowing printers to connect directly to the network, allowing users to quickly access their own personalized content, and the format of the content is easier to print, no need to use a computer, just touch Touch the LCD screen of the printer and you can directly get the information you need. In the era of cloud printing, printers will become a new information recommendation platform.

Cloud printer

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