High-risk areas, the use of industrial tablets

- Apr 17, 2019-

The dangerous industries involved in our country are quite numerous in every region. How much help and operation of our industrial tablet computers in these high-risk areas? Especially in some gas stations, dust workshops, high temperature working environment. Let's discuss the following with you.

1. The gas station's control machine plays a very tense role. Once the problem occurs, the normal operation of the gas station will be affected. More than 25,000 petrol stations of Sinopec are scattered and evacuated. Most of the gas stations are located in the urban area. Many oil stations are located in the mountainous areas. It is very troublesome to repair and replace when there is a problem.

2. The tanker is connected to the control machine through the serial port. The number of tankers of the industrial tablet computer at the gas station ranges from 2 to more than 30, thus requiring the control machine to have a strong utility expansion. After many comparisons, Sinopec finally made the control machine the industrial computer to make a lot of special plans in terms of the reliability of the system. The reliability is much better than the commercial PC.

3. Because the motherboard of the industrial computer tablet is made into a card computer, it is inserted on the passive backplane. As long as the passive backplane has passive components such as ISA, PCI bus connector and capacitor resistor, the probability of the passive backplane destroying the industrial tablet is very low, and there is no worry about replacement. You can use it with confidence.

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