Handheld warehouse inventory machine works

- Nov 28, 2019-

The inventory machine, also known as the handheld terminal and the barcode data collector, integrates the barcode scanning device and the data terminal, and can be operated offline. It is characterized by high performance, small size, light weight, integrity, maneuverability, and is suitable for hand-held. With real-time acquisition, automatic storage, instant display, instant feedback, automatic processing, automatic transmission and other functions, to ensure the real-time, effectiveness, authenticity and usability of the field data.

The inventory machine is composed of a central processing unit, a readable and writable memory, a read-only memory, a screen display, a keyboard, a barcode scanner, a power supply, etc., and can be connected to a computer through a cradle for transmitting and receiving data, and the running program is a computer. After compilation, download it to the inventory machine, and complete the corresponding functions according to the requirements.

Scan the product barcode through the inventory machine, confirm the quantity of the product, and enter it, and store it in text data format.

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