Handheld inventory machine features

- Nov 22, 2019-

● Using the μClinux operating system, the application is developed using the standard GNU C. The user can develop and debug the application on the computer, and then use the compiled connection tool provided by ARM to conveniently convert into the handheld program of the data collector.

● The large-capacity CF card is used as the data storage, the data is not easy to be lost, and the user is safe and secure.

● Support USB interface communication and infrared IRDA communication, which can conveniently transfer data between the handheld and the host computer, and communication compatibility is good.

● It has a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery and is easy to replace. It has a long working time to ensure continuous operation.

● In operation, the specially designed large-size common buttons are convenient for input and support 26 English letters, specific characters and Chinese characters input.

● The display adopts 128×128 graphic LCD and EL green backlight function, which is convenient for operation in dark environment.

● Has a good user interface and built-in national standard secondary Chinese character library.

● Built-in laser bar code scanner, which can identify various barcodes such as UPC, EAN, TOSHIBA, CODE39, CODEBAR, CODE11, CODE128, 12 OF 5, MSI, ISBN, ISSN, China Post Code.

● It has the characteristics of small size, beautiful design, light weight, convenient carrying and flexible use.

● With low-voltage alarm function, it provides battery voltage detection, which can prompt the battery to run low.

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