Frequently asked questions about the touch screen cash register

- Aug 28, 2019-

1. The touch screen cash register does not respond to power on.

Fault analysis: Part of the motherboard inverter is damaged

2. The touch screen is powered on with a blue screen. After 10 minutes of power on, the screen turns blue.

Fault analysis: The motherboard CPU is bad. The motherboard LCD negative voltage is too low, the LCD negative voltage is 0, the motherboard is faulty.

3. Touch screen is black

Failure Analysis: Contrast Problem

4. The touch screen is out of order, sometimes white screen

Fault analysis: touch panel failure

5. Touch screen cash register black screen, dead screen

Fault analysis: inverter burnout

6. Power on and burn insurance

Fault analysis: The motherboard is faulty, the LCD is faulty, and the motherboard is also damaged. The motherboard power supply is partially damaged. The motherboard is faulty and there is a large current burning.

7. The backlight is not bright

Fault analysis: The motherboard inverter is faulty; the inverter is protected from power-on black screen; the LCD is faulty and the touch panel is damaged.

8. The touch screen is normal and the motherboard program is not responding.

Fault analysis: motherboard failure, replace the motherboard

9. Poor touch, touch failure; insufficient operational sensitivity

Fault Analysis: Touch resistance abnormality / silver paste line resistance infinity / replacement touch panel / client program problem

10. The touch screen screen cannot be switched

Fault analysis: cracks on the surface of the panel lead to poor touch

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