four major indicators of pos system motherboard

- Oct 10, 2017-

Now, POS cash register in the commercial areas occupy an important position, whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants or clothing stores, can see the cash register figure. Cashier so that the cashier in the collection process more convenient and rapid. As well as the cash register software powerful function, by the various shop owners of all ages.


1. Cash register motherboard external bus: Now there are a variety of motherboards on the market, external bus bandwidth of 66MHZ, 100MHZ, 133MHZ, etc., simply, the higher the external bus bandwidth, the cash register will run faster The


2. Cash register interface: the motherboard generally has more than four serial ports, two parallel port, a network port. There are standard cash box, keyboard, mouse, USB interface and so on. As the demand for business enterprises will often change, often need to expand the cash register function, it should be selected external interface and more products.


3. CPU frequency, power consumption: CPU frequency is also the decision to run the entire cash register product speed, so according to the platform to run the software requirements to choose. At the same time should consider the CPU power consumption, the general CPU power consumption to more than 30 watts, while the low power consumption of less than 10 watts of power. CPU is a major heat source in the cash register, if the temperature is too high, poor heat, may cause the cash machine crash. So you should choose low-power CPU.


4. Machine power consumption and thermal design: POS cash register use of the environment is relatively poor, poor ventilation, so pay attention to the use of cash machines in the cash machine machine power consumption, try to choose low power consumption products, this will Greatly reduce the possibility of crash. At the same time to consider the machine's thermal design, especially in the high temperature area, especially in the air-conditioned room temperature.

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