Five reasons why the catering industry uses a single POS machine

- Aug 19, 2019-

The single-machine cash register is an instrument that is manually operated and installed in a retail store. The cashier enters the price of the brand purchased by each customer, and the single-card cash register calculates the total amount of consumption. Point single cash register is all trades on the day of journal entry. Every day, before the store breaks, the clerk will count the actual amount of cash in the cash register, and then compare it with the total amount of the journal (commonly known as snakes) in the machine. This is one of the internal audits. Usually the single cash register also prints the receipt to the customer, in order to ensure that each transaction is recorded in the journal.

First, data analysis

Provide data support for restaurant operations. For example, what is good to sell, what is not easy to sell; what time to sell; what position to sell; which is the ability of the waiter to sell; what kind of consumption is easy for customers; what is the cost of the meal; what is the cost of the meal; How to do it; inventory changes and so on. Using these data analysis can improve the restaurant's business. Rational use of these data analysis can improve the management level of the restaurant.

Second, to avoid mistakes

Some drawbacks can be avoided. For example, the cashier eats money; the inventory management is chaotic; the food purchase problem and so on. The money saved from these aspects is not a small amount.

Third, remote audit

If you want to manage the restaurant in the field, the single-point cash register at the catering point can provide you with a way to manage it. Other food and beverage outlets are not clear, but you can use your mobile phone to view reports remotely.

Fourth, the docking platform

Docking Alipay and take-out platforms to achieve online to offline orders. And can bring benefits through these platforms.

Fifth, improve the grade

A shop with a single cash register is more formal, giving customers the feeling that it is a shop with more words, and can print a small ticket to the user to make the user feel that it is not a small shop.

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