FAQ of Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

- Apr 28, 2018-

    FAQ of Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


As a rookie in the scaner, the Bluetooth barcode scanner has also been favored by the majority of users in the market. Its application range is large, mobile phones, computers, tablet, etc. can be instantly connected, and the moving range is more flexible & wider than the wireless barcode scanner. The CCD Bluetooth pos scanner can read the bar code on the screen ,and the scanning speed and precision are greatly improved. The application is much more problematic. We generally summed up a bit common problems, to share with you.

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1. The Bluetooth scanner does not search for Bluetooth after connection with the device.

Possible causes: The scanner does not enter the Bluetooth pairing state; or the receiver is damaged; or there is a problem with the computer's USB port

Solution: After the scanner is turned on, see the instruction manual to scan "entering the pairing mode" or press and hold the button until the scanner indicator flashes. Turn on the device Bluetooth search and click Pair; replace the receiver; replace the computer USB port


2. The scanner does not upload after scan when the scanner Bluetooth connection

Possible reasons: Scan to restore factory settings, or other settings (such as inventory mode)

Solution: See the instructions.


 3. After the Bluetooth connection to the computer, the computer is turned off, rebooting will not automatically pair Bluetooth. It is necessary to re-pull the receiver and connect it before reconnecting.

Possible reason: Computer USB interface problem

Solution: Replace Computer USB Interface


4,It does not display the keyboard input method, when Bluetooth barcode scanner connect with IOS system

Solution: See manual setup code, scan "IOS Keyboard Shows Hidden Bar Code"


5.The Bluetooth scanner will not be used after a while, Bluetooth will automatically disconnect.

Possible causes: Barcode Scanner enters standby mode, short standby time

Solution: See the manual setting code, reset the standby time of the scanner.

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