EMV chip card standard

- Jun 03, 2020-

EMV(ease of movement value)

EMV simple movement value, the inventor Richard W Arms Jr made according to the principle of isometric graph.

EMV= Europay+MasterCard+Visa

The name of EMV comes from the prefix of the English names of the three major international organizations Europay, MasterCard and VISA. The EMVCo organization jointly established by these three organizations in February 1999, whose main task is to develop and supervise the maintenance of EMV payment chip card specifications, standards and certifications, supervise and ensure the global safety of the standard[1] Availability of payment environment.

EMV is a standard specification for professional transactions and certifications developed by the international financial industry for smart cards and POS terminals that can use chip cards, as well as ATMs widely installed in banking institutions. It is a payment system for chip credit cards and cash cards ( Payment System) The standard set by the relevant hardware and software. When the specifications of a "chip card" or a terminal that can read a chip card and the teller machine comply with the EMV standard and are certified without error, it is called an EMV chip card, or EMV card for short. In this international standard specification, a considerable proportion of the interface standard for chip cards is based on ISO 7816. Europay International merged with Mastercard in 2002. JCB (formerly known as the Japan Credit Bureau) joined the EMV organization in December 2004. The EMV specification was originally EMV'96 Version 3.1.1. The EMVCo organization announced EMV 2000 Version 4.0 in December 2000, May 4.1 version 4.1, and June 2012 version 4.3.

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