Docking Station For Tablet

- Nov 28, 2018-

    Docking Station is a docking station that expands the functionality of tablet or laptop. It can be connected to a variety of external devices, such as drives, large-screen displays, keyboards, printers, scanners, etc., through interfaces and slots.


It can make up for the shortcomings of the thin and light notebooks carrying less accessories. This design allows users to enjoy the convenience and comfort of the desktop in the office, and the portability of the notebook when moving the office.


There are several advantages to buying a docking station:


1. By installing the docking station, the notebook can be effectively fixed on the desktop to prevent the body from shifting, bumping or even falling due to accidental collision;


2, can effectively improve the heat dissipation capacity of the bottom of the notebook, enhance air circulation, will not transfer excess heat to the desktop to reduce the comfort of use, but also better protect the internal components of the notebook will not be damaged due to overheating;


3, can arrange the external patch cords to the back of the fuselage, consciously organize and arrange the lines, not messy, but also better manage and use external devices;


4, can improve work efficiency. In the office, connect the network cable, power cable, printer cable, mouse, etc. to the port replicator or docking station. When you use it, you can put the machine on it, and when you leave, you can put the machine and port replicator with a button. The docking station is separated, which is very convenient;


5, played a certain role in anti-theft. Because the weight of the docking station is comparable to that of a notebook, it is bulky and inconvenient to carry, and almost all of the docking station has a key lock to lock the notebook on the docking station, and the mobility becomes quite poor;


6. Due to the weight of the docking station, it is convenient to open and close the notebook screen with the lock design. Every time you open the cover of the notebook, the main unit will move with the screen because of its light weight. You need to hold the main unit by hand. After the dock is installed, the weight of the dock itself and the weight of the main unit will not appear. The above situation.

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