Display applications in video conferencing

- Nov 09, 2018-

Modern enterprise conference rooms, especially large-scale video conference rooms of large enterprises, are not only responsible for internal functions such as convening meetings, staff training, but also for external communication functions such as customer reception and business negotiation. Their design style directly affects the image of the enterprise. Therefore, the investment of enterprises will spare no effort, no doubt. It is a typical example of application effect supremacy. This has formed a highly unified supply and demand relationship with the application and promotion of small spacing LED display screen.

Thanks to the maturity of technology, in recent years, although the price of video conferencing has been declining continuously, for most enterprises, it is still a huge investment. In line with the design concept of "good horse with saddle", the corresponding conference room facilities will naturally be "tall and tall". Therefore, the video conferencing system will be displayed at the end of the day. End-to-end preference for small spacing LED display is not only the necessity of practical application requirements, but also the necessity of improving the image of enterprises through hardware facilities. It is this extreme pursuit that provides an excellent opportunity for small spacing LED display to enter the conference room.

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