Display applications in Military field

- Nov 06, 2018-

With the development of military information construction, information capability has become a new growth point of military combat effectiveness. Effective command and control has become the key to the army's victory over the enemy. For this reason, command organs at all levels have been following the trend of information construction, which has greatly promoted the development of military command information. The future army building will increasingly combine modern information means. The innovation of large screen display technology has also injected fresh blood for the army's information construction.

Advanced digital display technology, seamless splicing technology of display unit, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology, network technology and other scientific and technological means are integrated into a whole. All kinds of information, image data, strategic azimuth map and field situation are enlarged and displayed intuitively, real-time, omni-directionally and quickly. Flexible integration of complex functions such as military exercises, operational command, assistant decision-making, organizing army training, video conferencing and real-time monitoring has greatly promoted the construction of information visualization and intellectualization in military areas, and improved the working efficiency and combat capability of the modern army.

Information visualization plays a very important role in daily training and operational command of troops. The real-time graphical representation of massive information in large screen display system provides strong support for decision-making and efficient and rapid communication and feedback for command. In recent years, small spacing LED display technology has gradually matured and improved, and more and more used in army construction.

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