Display applications in entertainment culture, sports and transportation

- Oct 31, 2018-

Display applications in entertainment culture:

LED display screen is widely used in entertainment and cultural industries, such as stage, evening and other background LED large screen, it can carry out live broadcast and wonderful playback, breaking the seating restrictions, so that the audience away from the stage can clearly see the performance on the stage, creating a magnificent, highly appealing atmosphere, and then combined with high quality. The volume of sound effects gives people a perfect feast for seeing and hearing. The main application sites are evening concerts, live events, theatres, theatres, television stations, high-end entertainment venues and so on.

Display applications in sports :

It is believed that the LED display screen of the main venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will leave a deep impression on everyone. The function of the LED screen of the stadium is to broadcast wonderful pictures of the venue, playback of slow motion, display of specific scenes, information about the score of the competition and the introduction of athletes, as well as commercial advertisements. Slow motion replay has become the basis for the referee to make a correct decision, so that the audience feel that the game is fair and impartial, reducing unnecessary conflicts. The main application sites are football field led fence screen, Basketball Gymnasium LED funnel screen, swimming pool track and field LED time scoring screen, as well as a variety of sports venues wall or column LED display.

Display applications in transportation

On both sides of busy street intersection or highway, there will be traffic guidance LED display screen. These display screens are generally controlled by the control center, combined with other road condition monitoring equipment, automatically according to the road conditions to show the smooth or congestion information for travelers to choose the best route for reference. It can also display weather conditions, traffic regulations, remind drivers to drive safely, and has the role of a guide sign. The main application areas are all main urban roads, road intensive areas, highways and so on.

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