Different Operation System of POS machine

- Aug 14, 2018-

Different Operation System of POS machine.

1.Windows system POS machine

Windows XP-based Windows Embedded system, the majority of POS machines on the market use this system.

The advantage is that the system is versatile and easy to use with the computer.

The disadvantages are: poor system stability, poor security, and high development costs.

2.Android system POS machine

It is usually based on Android system for deep optimization of POS application, which is the highest level system in the POS industry.

The advantages are: high stability, no crash, no blue screen, low development difficulty, strong software compatibility, and wide range of functions.

The downside is that as an emerging system, the penetration rate needs to be improved.

3. Other systems.

Usually it is an embedded system developed by each manufacturer.

The advantage is: low cost.

The disadvantages are: system stability and poor compatibility.

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