Difference between vertical LCD advertising machine and wall-mounted network advertising machine application scene

- May 15, 2019-

With the continuous advancement of technology, under the influence of the rapid development of the display industry and Moore's Law, the touch display industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. Counting the number, the touch technology alone has been iterated several times. Now the widespread use of smart screen terminals such as LCD advertising machines and touch all-in-ones is inseparable from the development of technology. The smart screen terminal has also developed into a variety of styles, there are coffee table types, apple appearance, wall hanging, floor-standing. As a professional advertising machine, touch all-in-one, terminal, etc., the screen media terminal style is also diverse.

So when you buy an advertising machine, do you choose a vertical advertising machine or a wall-mounted advertising machine? I believe this problem is enough for those who have chosen obsessive-compulsive disorder to entangle for a long time. To solve this problem, let everyone talk about the following aspects.

First, the use of the scene

      We feel that this article is the primary point of choosing an advertising machine. After all, the scene is dominated, and the advertising machine is a large Android phone (who is willing to hold such a large mobile phone). Know the use of the occasion to better choose the advertising machine. Under normal circumstances, vertical advertising machines are generally used in hotel lobby, bank lobby, company front desk, exhibition hall and other places, and wall-mounted advertising machines are generally used in clubs, supermarkets, elevators, cinemas, restaurants, high-end office buildings and other environments. many. To sum up one sentence is: a vertical advertising machine can be used in a relatively empty place, and a wall-mounted advertising machine with a relatively closed environment (after all, it occupies less space).

Second, the installation method

      If you are too troublesome, afraid of installation, you can use the decisive choice of vertical advertising machine, you can continue to adjust the position, move around, do not hesitate to toss, of course, want to use advertising machines to enhance the brand image of the business, With the space decoration to become a unique landscape, the wall-mounted advertising machine is a good choice.

Third, the price

      LCD advertising machine as a commodity, must pay attention to cost-effective, of course, wealthy friends can automatically block this, LCD advertising machine and other electronic devices, also need to pay attention to configuration, including operating system, size, resolution, screen material , touch technology and other technical parameters, choose the right parameters and matching system will make you a lot easier. In the case where the installation site is very limited, of course, the choice is cost-effective.

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