CS-658 one dimension barcode scanner

- Sep 27, 2018-

Light weight, ergonomic design, comfortable grip, reduce the body's sense of operating fatigue, improve work efficiency. Plug and play, users only need to connect the CS-658 cable to the host or POS system, can be used, easy to operate. The ability of error correction is strong, and the speed of reading is fast.

- Suitable for retail, logistics, medical, financial, warehouse management, automated office and document management and many other occasions.

Light weight, ergonomic design, comfortable operation and reduced fatigue.

Using advanced laser barcode technology of MINDEO, the scanning is fast and sensitive, and the work efficiency is improved.

Plug and play, easy to set up, and can be quickly used in conjunction with other office equipment.

Support automatic induction, which can be easily switched between the two modes of free holding and handheld.

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