Conditions for using PC touch screen + database software

- Jan 11, 2019-

                                PC touch screen + database software 


Three conditions for using PC touch screen + database software:

(1) Hardware must be purchased by local suppliers

PC touch screen hardware selection, prioritized by local suppliers. As long as you don't need a domestic integrated touch screen. Because of the well-known computer structure problems, the best touch screen is also computer, hard disk, power supply, COU, fan is not industrial control, so it can not avoid maintenance and maintenance, the purchase can not be timely. This is one of the problems that hardware vendors are avoiding.

(2) The software first considers the localization and timely service, and then the function

Also due to the computer platform, the software is based on XP and SQL databases. Stability is self-evident. Maintenance is also one of the issues that vendors are avoiding. I should have chosen at least the second-level professional software, but considering the more dangerous instability and the inevitable maintenance problems, I can only sacrifice the software specialization function, find a relatively better local, able to serve 7×24 hours. supplier. Otherwise, the product you buy is a time bomb that is detonated at any time, and stops working when you are busy.

(3) The touch screen can only be used as a cash register, not for other purposes.

Although the PC touch screen is a computer, it is best not to use it other than the cash register. For example, surfing the Internet, playing videos and songs, copying... operations may be infected with viruses. Illegal shutdown caused by system and improper operation, the crash may cause system and database to crash.

(4) The boot time should not be too long every day

Most of the current PC touch screens use a notebook or a netbook motherboard, plus a high-speed heat-generating hard drive. Therefore, the daily boot time should not be too long, it is best to control within 10 hours.

(5) Daily maintenance

- Daily data backup

- Clean up the database log every month, otherwise you will find that the touch screen is slower and slower.

- Remove unwanted temporary files and software

(6) You must have certain computer software and hardware network knowledge: assemble the computer, install xp, install and maintain SQL, group LAN....

It is only for home and office computers that are relatively good in environment, not very frequent in operation, and have a short boot time. In the case that the database and sales software have not been run yet, various problems will occur every year, causing the system to be reinstalled, replacing the hard disk, power supply... hardware, not to mention the use of cash. Simple questions, you should learn to deal with.

(7) Insecure safety equipment

UPS uninterruptible power supply to prevent system and database crash caused by sudden power failure

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