Compatiblitity of Pos handware & Pos Software

- Nov 18, 2017-

Compatiblitity of Pos handware & Pos Software

Compatibility is the degree of coordination work between pos handware, pos software, or handware and softwire.The concept of compatiblity is wide, relative to the hardware, several different computer components, such as CPU, motherboard, video card, etc., It work stably when they work together ,thats to say the compatibility is better ,On the other hand, the compatibility is not good.

 For software compatibility, refers to a software that can work stably in a number of operating systems, without the unexpected exit and other issues.

  Common compatiblity for Pos hanware as below:

1. Memory & CPU,

The Pos you used well yesterday, but this morning a boot, that is, "Didi" to stop non-stop. Only open the case, remove the memory to plug in again just fine.

2. Hard disc & CPU,

The hard drive is well recognized on this motherboard, but it does not recognize on another motherboard. For example, you must IDE1 interface master disk location, if you want to boot from the hard disk,in order to start properly, or can be read after plug can be written, but it can not start.


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