Comparison of IC Card System and ID Card System

- Jun 12, 2018-

Comparison of IC Card System and ID Card System


1. Security:

The security of the IC card is much larger than that of the ID card. The card number in the ID card is read without any authority and is easy to copy. The reading and writing of the data recorded in the IC card require corresponding password authentication, even in each area of the card there are different password protection to protect the data security comprehensively. IC card write data password and read data password can be set to different, provides a good hierarchical management approach to ensure system security.


2. Recordability:

The ID card cannot write data. Its record content (card number) can only be written by the chip manufacturer once. The developer can only read out the card number and use it. It is impossible to formulate a new number management system according to the actual needs of the system.

The IC card can not only read a large amount of data by an authorized user, but also can authorize the user to write large amounts of data (such as a new card number, user's authority, user information, etc.), and the contents recorded by the IC card can be erased repeatedly.


3. Storage capacity:

The ID card only records the card number; the IC card (such as the Philips mifare1 card) can record about 1000 characters.


4. Offline and Networking:

Since there is no content in the ID card card, the card holder's rights and system function operations are completely dependent on the support of the computer network platform database.

The IC card itself has recorded a large amount of user-related content (card numbers, user data, permissions, consumption balances, and other large amounts of information), and can completely run off the computer platform to achieve the operating mode of automatic conversion between networking and offline, to achieve a wide range of use demand.

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