Common types of barcode printer

- May 24, 2018-

Common types of barcode printer


The biggest difference between barcode printers and ordinary printers is that the bar code printer prints on a heat-based, ribbon-based print media (or direct thermal paper) to complete the printing. The greatest advantage of this printing method over the ordinary printing method is that It allows continuous high-speed printing without being managed.



Fixed printer:

Intelligent features and rich interfaces make it accessible to a wide range of devices and hosts. Without PC support, the user program can be executed independently, and cast magnesium alloy structure make it durable and light.


Industrial barcode printer:

Rugged die-cast metal housing. Strong real-time connection, excellent compatibility, low prices. It meets the needs of industrial site use and the requirements of industrial high-quality printing.


Desktop barcode printer:

Small economical bar code printing equipment, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises mobile office use. Small size, strong structure, powerful function, and low price.


Portable barcode printer:

Compact, lightweight and resistant to environmental disturbances. Infrared or Bluetooth technology is used as an interface for print data communications.


Barcode printer is a dedicated printer. In foreign countries, almost all production units are equipped with a bar code printer in terms of product identification and so on.

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