Common Type of Wireless Barcode Scanner

- May 23, 2018-

    Common type of Wireless Barcode Scanner

The wireless barcode scanner, also known as the cordless scanner, is a barcode reader that is different from a wired scanner. Generally, data is transmitted through Bluetooth, WIFI, etc., and data can be transmitted without being limited by the length of the data cable, which is convenient to use.

For example, like a mouse and a wireless mouse, the benefits of a wireless mouse are not limited by the data line, it is more convenient to use. Similarly, wireless barcode scanners are equipped with wireless receivers just like wireless mice. That is, we usually say donggle, or Bluetooth receiver (however, this is not necessarily correct, the wireless communication mode of the scanner is not necessarily Bluetooth, the more common is 433MHz or 2.4GHz wireless communication technology) .

First of all, the classification of wireless scanners can be distinguished from the different wireless communication technologies used.

The main wireless communication methods include Bluetooth, 433MHz, 2.4GHz, and wireless communication such as WiFi.

At present, the most common wireless communication method is 433MHz. The advantage of this frequency band is that the wireless communication distance is farer than 2.4GHz, because the frequency is lower than 2.4GHz and the wavelength is longer, which is more conducive to bypass obstacles, the transmission distance is longer . Usually, 433MHz can reach a transmission distance from 100-400 meters in an open space, while in the interior, its communication distance can reach 20 meters to 60 meters. The performance of 20 meters to 30 meters is already sufficient. The wall performance of 2.4GHz wireless barcode scanner is generally a wall, the distance isnot too far, strong anti-interference ability, Higher transmission rate than 433MHz, more suitable for moving environments.

Therefore, the more frequently wireless communication used is 2.4 GHz. This frequency is the most widely used for short-range wireless communication method, Bluetooth is actually 2.4GHz frequency, but Bluetooth is only a special case of 2.4GHz. The communication distance of 2.4GHz wireless barcode scanner, is generally within 10 meters, same as Bluetooth.

Bluetooth wireless communication is actually a standardized 2.4 GHz wireless communication mode. In general, laptops and mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth receivers. In other words, Bluetooth does not require additional plug-in wireless receivers, but 433MHz and 2.4GHz have wireless receivers (each wireless communication standard is slightly different, not necessarily universal, Bluetooth in all devices are common Communication protocol).

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