Common problems of cash register

- Oct 12, 2018-

One machine printer does not issue tickets:

Ensure that the printer paper is sufficient to ensure that the integrated machine power connection is normal, integrated machine built-in printer must be powered on before use. Ensure that the thermal paper is properly placed, that the printer IP address has been generated in the settings, that the front desk ticket has been associated with the built-in printer, that the print service is turned on, that the network printer test of the machine is turned on, and that the power adapter of the integrated machine is replaced.

One machine Ethernet connection exception:

Ensure that the router is working properly, the Internet is on the right side, that the network cable is not damaged, that IP addresses are not in conflict, and that network configurations such as DNS have no problems unplugging the network cable, restarting the machine as a whole, plugging in the network line, checking whether the network port indicator lights are on, replacing the machine or network port, entering the system settings more mobile network mobile network Enable data network (Note: close all networks, do not check)

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