Common problems of cash register

- Sep 10, 2018-

1.All in one POS system printers do not issue tickets to ensure adequate printer paper to ensure proper power connection. Integral built-in printers must be used when power is on to ensure that thermal paper is properly placed to ensure that printer IP addresses have been generated in cloud settings to ensure that front-end bills are associated with the built-in printer to ensure printing. Service opening ensures that the local network printer test replaces the one-machine power adapter for the open state .

2. The one-machine Ethernet connection is abnormal to ensure that the router is normal, the network line is normal to ensure that there is no damage to ensure that there is no IP address conflict, and DNS network configuration is no problem unplugged, restart the one-machine, plug in the network. Line, check if the network port indicator lights up to contact the Operations Engineer, change the machine or network port, enter the system settings more mobile network enable data network.

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