Clean the monitor screen

- May 18, 2020-

When cleaning, you should gently wipe with deerskin or high-end glasses cloth,

Remove hundreds of dust.

For fingerprints and oil stains on the LCD screen,

Use liquid crystal screen special cleaning agent to clean.

You should also pay attention when using detergents,

Wipe from the center of the screen outward until the cleaning agent on the screen is wiped clean.

Selection of cleaning agent and special wipes:

Let's take a look at the cleaning methods commonly used by everyone. There are eight main types:

1. Clean with absolute alcohol

2. Clean with stockings and pure water

3. Clean with a soft cloth

4. After wet wipe with cotton towel, wipe with dry high quality toilet paper

5. Camera lens paper

6. Go to the mall and buy the special cloth for wiping the screen of flat color TVs

7. Suede

8. cotton

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