Classification of printers

- Dec 06, 2019-

Classification from use: special micro printers, general micro printers. The so-called special micro printer refers to micro printers used for special purposes, such as professional barcode micro printers, professional card micro printers, etc. These micro printers usually require professional software or drivers to support them, or can only support one or more This kind of special equipment can work. Universal micro printers are widely used and can support the print output of many kinds of devices. Many so-called printers are actually general micro printers.


Classification from printing methods: micro printers, thermal micro printers, thermal transfer micro printers, etc. The printing method used for the pin type micro printing is that the printing needle hits the ribbon to print the ink of the ribbon on the printing paper. The thermal method is to change the thermal medium coated on the printing paper by heating. The toner on the carbon ribbon is printed on the printing paper by heating. At present, except for barcode printers and ticket printers, it is rarely used in other areas in China. There are also micro-type printers, which are mostly used in taxis. .


Classification from data transmission methods: wireless micro printers and wired micro printers. Wireless micro-printer uses infrared or Bluetooth technology for data communication. Wired micro-printer uses serial or parallel data communication. Of course, wireless micro-printer usually has serial port or parallel port, which can carry out data communication by wire.

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