​chip card Characteristics

- Nov 13, 2018-

chip card, also known as an IC card, refers to a card that uses a chip as a transaction medium. The chip card not only supports a variety of financial applications such as loan and credit, electronic cash, e-wallet, offline payment, fast payment, but also can be applied to many industries such as finance, transportation, communication, commerce, education, medical care, social security and tourism. Realize one card multi-energy and provide customers with richer value-added services.

chip card (2)


The chip card adopts advanced chip encryption technology and supports non-contact offline transaction mode, which can effectively reduce financial fraud incidents such as bank card copying, and make users use cards more secure and secure.

2, multi-application. 

In addition to the full financial functions of the bank card, the chip card can also support applications in multiple industries, such as merchant members, e-tickets, e-vouchers, etc. Applications in different industries exist independently in the card, without interference, and can be based on It is necessary to increase or decrease the types and quantities of industrial applications at any time to truly realize one card multi-energy.

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