Catering industry LCD touch buffet ordering machine market

- Jan 22, 2020-

The self-service ordering machine (a la carte machine) is a new management concept and service method, which can improve the restaurant's grade and business efficiency, optimize business processes, replace employee operations, and reduce operating costs. Is the best choice for restaurants, chain stores, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses. Customers only need to select their favorite dishes on the touch screen of the self-service ordering machine (A la carte machine). After paying for the meal with Alipay and WeChat, the self-service ordering system will automatically print the receipts and notify the kitchen to automatically arrange the meal Customers can pick up meals at the counter with their receipts. Very convenient and fast. Due to saving time such as copying checkout, peak dining hours can greatly improve the restaurant's operating efficiency, increase the restaurant's turnover, and have been well received by users.

The self-service ordering machine (a la carte machine) enables catering enterprises to improve the restaurant's operating strategy, management efficiency and service quality. With the development of information technology, this new type of automated, scientific and humanized restaurant service is well received by the catering industry.

1 wireless ordering: customers can order, add, withdraw, remind, order, etc. At the same time, this work can also be performed by the waiter;

2 Orders are fast: customers can order their favorite foods in a short time, which can reduce time and facilitate customer needs;

3 Easy to operate: Large screen operation interface, whether it is a customer or a waiter, will be seen at a glance, one-hand touch operation, completely avoid the shortage of PDA ordering machine;

4 Cost savings: No waiter is required to go to the kitchen to send orders, which can better serve guests and save a lot of labor costs. Paperless operation, which saves paper costs and is more environmentally friendly;

5Improve efficiency and reduce errors: One-stop order processing, no repeated operations, reducing the chance of errors. Prevent errors between service and kitchen. Improve communication between service and kitchen. Reduce service and kitchen work intensity;

6 No need to adjust your store facilities: This system uses wireless network technology, no need to arrange network lines, etc., and can be used without adjusting the restaurant hardware equipment.

The business of a restaurant mainly depends on three aspects: dishes + environment + service (indispensable), food and environment aside, services include: ordering + serving + order + inquiry + checkout link, the waiter's There are so many times in a day, and the efficiency of one of the links comes up. The time of the other links can be increased. Often restaurants with poor customer evaluations say that the waiters do not come, or that the serving is too slow. The environment of your restaurant is very good. You can talk about afternoon tea, otherwise no customers are willing to spend a lot of time in the restaurant. Moreover, most people come for lunch / work meals. Meal efficiency. At the same time, the equipment is placed inside and outside the store, and the advertisements of your dishes are played randomly. It is a kind of publicity from the image. The hidden advertisers are generally fresh. Therefore, restaurants that are not very good are also applicable. The use of an ordering machine can not only attract consumption, but also reduce the cost of the waiter. The cost of a waiter is at least about 3000, and the ordering machine can be used for several months. Save a lot of labor. The key is how restaurant operators change their thinking, use high technology to save costs for themselves, and add new profit points (order food online)

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