Cash register operates 12 points to note

- Mar 04, 2017-

The placement and maintenance of cash registers is very important to the life of cash registers, here to talk about cash register how to place and use to teach you the proper use of cash registers.

1, choose smooth and vibration-free bench top cash registers.

2, cash registers the location should be chosen to avoid direct sunlight, temperature change, fewer places away from water and dust.

3, keep the machine away from strong electromagnetic fields.

4 areas of poor power quality, or stores shall be equipped with regulated supply separate power supply to the receiving machine.

5, please note that and case marked on the nameplate after the same supply voltage, otherwise it will seriously damage or does not work. POS best not frequently start with other high-power appliances share a socket, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. Power outlet should be located near cash registers close and easy to plug, so that emergencies can quickly cut off the power.

6, to ensure that cash registers do not come into contact with any liquid, once this happens, immediately the power plug and unplug, and immediately notify the relevant dealers.

7, no violent vibration, rocking hard hit the cash register.

8, to avoid excessively high or low temperature environments using cash registers to avoid cash registers exposed to strong sunlight or high humidity environment.

9, do not plug in the charged state registers of live parts and peripherals.

10, while cleaning the machine, do not use a wet cloth or chemicals to clean the body. Such as: gasoline, thinner, etc.

11, when a machine fails, should immediately cut off the power supply, discontinue use. Do not take apart or repair without permission.

12, if the battery is replaced incorrectly can cause explosion hazards. Only use the manufacturer's recommended the same or equivalent type of replacement parts. Be sure to dispose of spent batteries according to the manufacturer instructions.

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