Cash register keyboard function

- Dec 29, 2018-

Query key: Query the price of the item.

Scale button: Used when weighing goods.

Enter button: used to confirm various operations.

Quantity button: When the cashier directly enters the product barcode, the default number of the cash register is “1”. When the number of goods entered is more than “1”, you must type the number of the product before entering the barcode of the product, and then press “Quantity”. ", then enter the product barcode or item number.

Repeat Last Key: The “Repeat Last” button is used to repeat the last sale. For example, the cashier enters 5 “Coca-Cola” buttons. At this time, press the “Repeat Last” button, and the cash register will add 5 more Coca-Cola (the “Repeat Last” button can only be used during the sales process, and repeat the last time. operating).

Subtotal Key: Use the Subtotal button to display the total value of the merchandise that has been entered into the cash register on the customer display.

Cancel button: The "Cancel" button cancels an operation. Such as: cancel the function key such as the total amount of goods. Cancellation of goods: During the collection process, if the cashier cancels an already entered item, press the “Cancel Item” button (the cash register prompts: “Please select the cancelled item or press the Cancel button”), and then use the “up line” ", "Next line", "Page up", "Page down" four keys, select the item you want to cancel, and press the "Cancel item" button, the cash register prompts: "Do you want to cancel the item (Y /N)". Make sure to press the "Enter" button when canceling the item, and press the "Cancel" button.

Clear key: The “Clear” key mainly clears the input error, provided that the “Enter” key is not pressed. If the cashier mistakes "39" for "29", press "Clear" button to clear "29" before pressing "Enter".

Total key: This key is only used at checkout.

Page up key: This key is used to switch options.

Page down button: This button is used to switch options.

Up line key: This key is used to switch options.

Next line key: This key is used to switch options.

Cash key: If you pay by cash, you should first enter the amount of cash paid by the customer, and then press the "cash" button.

Gift certificate key: Pay with the coupon, directly press the coupon key, do not need to enter the amount of cash payable.

Check key: Pay by check, press the check key directly, you do not need to enter the amount of cash payable.

Bank card/credit card key: Pay by bank card/credit card, directly press bank card/credit card key, no need to input cash payable amount.

On-board key: The key used when you are on duty.

Laid-off key: the key used when you are laid off

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