Cash box in cash register can't be opened or closed

- Jan 18, 2019-

Cashier can be said to be one of the necessary configurations of cash register. The routine connection of the cashier is on the printer. But sometimes the POS cash register can not be opened, but it is not clear what the reason is. First of all, we need to understand the principle of opening the cash box of the cash register. Maybe many people do not know it.

First of all, the principle of opening the money box is very simple, that is, the cash register sends a 12V (some money box is 24V) pulse signal to the money box through the printer, and the money box opens. The money box is big or small, but its interface is different. Some are similar to the RJ11 of telephone line connector, some are only two wires, some are COM port, and some are LPT port. The installation and connection methods are different, and the software driving mode is also different.

There are generally three ways to install the cash box of the cash register:

The first one is that if you use cash register printer, there is a driver interface on the back of the general printer, which connects the RJ11 connector of the cash box (similar to telephone line connector) to the interface of the bill printer. The general bill printer is connected to the U or LPT port, and then sends signals to the U or LPT port through the cash register software, so that the money box can be opened.

Second: If you don't use a cash register printer, you usually need to buy a money box driver card. The card has a floppy disk. The floppy disk contains EXE files (such as OPEN.COM files) to open the money box. You only need to connect the money box to the money box card (some of the interfaces are similar to COM ports, some are similar to LPT ports, some are like R11 ports, some are directly connected to two wires), and then receive it. When the command is invoked in the software program of the silver machine, the money box card sends a current pulse to the money box, so that the money box can be opened.

When the cash register is in use, it suddenly fails to shut down.

This phenomenon is very common, and this phenomenon is the most common, probably because in the process of cash register receipt, money slides into the back of the drawer of the cash box of the cash register, resulting in the hook stuck in the cash box, and then there is the problem that the cash box can not be closed. Then we just pull out the drawer and take out the stuck money.

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