Can the PC+ cash box in the cash register industry really replace the position of the cash register

- May 10, 2019-

Can the PC+ cash box in the cash register industry really replace the position of the cash register? 

First, the operating speed.

The desktop PC computer modified cash register machine can only be operated by keyboard and mouse, and the POS cash register is mostly a touch screen, just need to manually order the operation on the screen, just like the business catering touch screen cash register is the fastest finger only three You can complete a single cashier's work, which is not possible with desktop computers. A fast-food restaurant, because of the slowness of the cash register, will lose a lot of waiting customers, which is believed to be unwilling to see every fast-food catering owner.

Second, the environmental requirements.

The design and use environment of ordinary desktop PCs needs to maintain the office environment of clean and humidity use. However, the sales environment of commercial storefronts in the catering industry is more complicated. The surrounding environment and a lot of work will lead to the crash of the modified cash register or sudden database. damage. As a result, previous customer data and all sales data could not be retrieved. If you use a stored value card and a membership card, your loss will be greater.

Third, the hardware requirements.

The overall quality can not be guaranteed by the cash register machine converted from the desktop PC. If there is a fault, it is difficult to find an accurate contact point. There is no perfect specification. The professional POS register of the catering industry requires the overall hardware selection. Very different from desktop computers. The most important thing is on the motherboard, the desktop computer mostly chooses the home motherboard, and the POS cash register needs to use the industrial motherboard to have higher stability.

Fourth, the system is installed.

Professional POS cash registers generally change the system to ensure that the cash register displays the cashier software interface when it is turned on, and the cashier cannot perform other operations. However, if the cash register machine modified with a normal desktop PC computer does not have these changes, the original computer system directly displayed, the system security is not high. Many cashier loopholes are related to system security. Such as: the security of the store data, the computer-modified cash register, the cashier only need to open the computer, you can copy the store's data in the corresponding disk, the security risks are very high.

Taken together, although the PC+ cash box method saves some expenses, the consequences are also great. No matter what field in business, it pays attention to performance, reliability and stable performance.

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