Barcode scanner market is unlikely to be replaced by mobile phones

- May 03, 2018-

Barcode scanner market is unlikely to be replaced by mobile phones


The mobile phone can also scan the code. The barcode scanner can also scan the code. What's the difference between them? Since everyone has the mobile phone, why should you spend money on barcode scanner? Today, I will show you the difference between a professional barcode scanner and a mobile phone.


First, analyze the performance of professional products:


The difference in design

A. The bar code scanner has a dedicated bar code scanning engine for scanning QR codes.

B. Mobile phone scanning QR code is based on camera capture pictures, built-in software in the secondary analysis, output, meanwhile the phone is a multi-purpose application, scanning code is only one of them.


The difference in decoding

A. Professional bar code scanners are "hard decoders". They have dedicated decoder chips and cameras. The decoding speed is calculated in milliseconds.

B. The mobile phone scanning QR code is a built-in decoding software that decodes and outputs the photograph taken. Decoding success rate, support bar code type, completely see decoding software calculation methods and how to deploy mobile hardware. Mobile phone scanning 2D barcode we commonly known as "soft decoding."


Second, analyze the use of professional products :


The differences of communication protocol :

A. Scanners basically support USB ports, RS232 serial ports, and network port communications. Basically, all application software that uses scanners uses these communication protocols. The decoding results are directly output to the application software. Such as supermarket cash register, logistics and warehousing systems, out of storage systems.

B. The result of the mobile phone scan is only displayed on your mobile phone screen, or it can only interact with the APP on your mobile phone. If you want to communicate with a PC or other device, the amount of work done in the middle will be too much.

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