Barcode label printer

- Jul 23, 2018-

Barcode label printer


Bar code printers are referred to as bar code machines, also known as label printers. Barcode printer is a professional printing bar code label device, which can quickly print self-adhesive labels, PET labels, tag cards, and washed cloth labels.


Barcode printers have been widely used in all aspects of production and life, such as supermarkets, government departments, manufacturing companies, and logistics industries.


Bar code printers generally have two printing methods: thermal printing and thermal transfer printing. The thermal printing method uses proprietary thermal label paper, and the thermal transfer printing method uses a dedicated label and ribbon.


Bar code printers print fast, can print special materials (synthetic paper, PET, etc.), can be connected with automatic cutters, label strippers and other accessories for functional expansion, which is suitable for professional users who need to make a large number of labels.


Currently commonly used bar code printer brands include SATO barcode printers, ZEBRA barcode printers, TSC barcode printers, etc.


In places where a large number of bar code labels are required to be printed, especially in factories where large quantities of printing are required in a short period of time and where special labels (such as PVC materials, waterproof materials) are required, and where it is required to be used immediately (such as a ticket office), a bar code printer should be selected. .


Barcode printers can adapt to the different needs of production and life, and print labels of different sizes according to different situations of each company. It is quick and easy to use and can be printed in single or batch, completely controlled by the user. Bar code printers are one of the indispensable production tools for enterprises

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