Automatic transmission of data collector

- Nov 29, 2019-

The product data collected by the inventory machine is uploaded to the computer through the communication interface, and then processed by the background system to convert the data into the corresponding database. After the data in the inventory machine is transferred to the computer system, the data needs to be deleted. Otherwise, the data read-in will be superimposed, resulting in data errors. In some cases, the data may be transmitted to the computer multiple times, and the deletion may be performed after the data confirmation is invalid.

The data download is to transfer the product information that needs to be confirmed by the inventory machine from the computer to the inventory machine, and run the data transmission program provided by the equipment manufacturer in the corresponding function of the computer management system through the communication interface between the inventory machine and the computer. The delivered content may include: a product barcode, a name, and a quantity. The download of the data can conveniently display the name of the product currently read in the barcode and the quantity to be confirmed during data collection.

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