Applications and Benefits in the Logistics Industry of Barcode Printer

- Jun 13, 2018-

Applications and Benefits in the Logistics Industry of Barcode Printer


In recent years, seminars and exhibitions on the concept of “logistics” have been performed throughout the country. Many express companies and freight companies have rushed to change their name to logistics centers and logistics companies. At present, bar code printers are an indispensable device in the logistics industry. What are the advantages of bar code printers in the logistics industry?


(1) High accuracy: Entering the data by scanning the barcode, the accuracy is much higher than the keyboard input. The input error rate for the keyboard is one in three thousandths, and the bar code input error rate is one in three millionth.


(2) Fast input speed: The barcode input speed is 20 times the keyboard input speed.


(3) Easy to make: The bar code is easy to make, and there is no special requirement for printing technology, equipment and materials.


(4) The equipment is economical and practical: the bar code label printer is simple, highly reliable, easy to operate, and inexpensive.


Based on the advantages of bar codes, all information exchanges, physical logistics, and delivery have been greatly accelerated. Many shopping malls, supermarkets, and warehouses have used bar code systems. The application of barcodes provides preconditions for the rapid development of all walks of life, especially logistics warehousing and express delivery. A typical logistics barcode management system should include the automated management of transportation, warehousing, delivery, and receipt services. Barcodes, as the only marking point throughout the entire logistics process, play an important role in all aspects.

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