Application Technology of Portable Printer

- Jan 25, 2019-

Cable communication:

RS232 cable communication technology has a long history. Portable ticket printers and label printers are widely used, but they are not generally used for receiving printed data, but for debugging.

Ethernet communication, with high transmission speed and convenient access, is used for printer communication interface.


Portable printers and photo printers for office use generally use USB as the cable data communication interface.

Wireless communication:

Infrared (IrDA), Bluetooth (BLUETOOTH), WIFI (802.11b/g), RF2.4G wireless, RF433MHz wireless

Infrared technology was used in many portable printers before 2007, but with the gradual elimination of infrared technology in laptop computers and mobile phones, there are fewer and fewer printers using infrared technology.

The wireless data communication technology of Bluetooth mainstream portable printer has the advantages of low power consumption and directionless, but its disadvantages are limited transmission distance and complicated pre-setting and matching.

WIFI is a technology used by some portable bill printers and label printers. It has the advantages of long transmission distance and no direction. The disadvantage of WIFI is that it consumes high power for printers that rely solely on batteries.

RF2.4G wireless belongs to the civil free frequency band. With the maturity of technology and the decrease of cost, it has been widely used in the field of computer peripherals, and has also begun to be used in the wireless communication of printers. Low power consumption, long transmission distance, maximum effective distance is about 30 meters.

RF433MHz wireless band has higher penetration than the higher frequency band. The maximum effective distance is about 100 meters. It is mostly used to build a small range of private wireless networks. Printers can receive requests from mobile office equipment within the network at any time to print.


Picturebridge protocol

It does not belong to wireless communication or wired communication, but to print data communication protocol on photo printer.

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